Friday, April 20, 2012

Ignorance in DC: Washington comPost & Melinda Hennebeger

As usual, the WaCompost gets it wrong on the Catholic faith with today's story by M. Henneger.

First, I am not certain what the snide "SANTA MARIA" addition did to her story, other than to set the tone that this is just a hatchet job.

In regards to SSPX. This is an issue which has been worked on for a number of years. SSPX is much more than Bishop Williamson, just as the Catholic Church in Chicago is much more than Fr. Pfleger.

But you got to love the tone of the article (more like a hack job to me, but what do you expect from the WaCompost these days): "cracking down" " "who as one of my fellow Catholics noted over a cup of unconsecrated wine." "the Inquisition" and "a forced reform."

Does she mention that most of the orders (not all) who are part of LCWR are failing because they have moved away from being "traditional" and looking to find their own way. Nope.

Does she mention that those orders which are more traditional are the ones experiencing a surge of new members. Nope.

And regarding schools and hospitals. Tell me, Ms. Henneberger, how many schools and hospitals have you been to which are staffed by large numbers of nuns, like they were 60 or 70 years ago. mmmm? Most are staffed by lay persons. Ignorance.

The best part, which shows her true IGNORANCE, on scandal is that the LCWR has done whatever it can to put off/squash any investigation into abuse of children (sexual, physical or mental) by American nuns/sisters.

I could go on and on about this hack job but I have other things to do.

What this article once again shows is that the Washington comPost is out of touch with Catholicism and deserves to go under. Ms. Henneberger should stick to her leftist politics and do what she can to prop up the failing Most Miserable Barack Obama.


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