Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Wind of Change Comes to USCCB - Thanks Be To God!

When John Carr retired from the staff of the US bishops’ conference, after helping to shape the bishops’ statements on political issues for more then 25 years, we wondered whether his departure signaled a shift in USCCB policy. Today we have our answer: Yes, it does.  Jonathan J. Reyes, who will be taking Carr’s post in December, will be coming to Washington from Denver, where he was head of Catholic Charities. His work there, and especially his involvement in projects like “Christ in the City,” testify to his belief that Christian charitable work is inseparable from evangelization. In other words he sees charitable work as a witness to faith, not a call for government support.

The resumés of these two men provide a vivid contrast. Whereas John Carr was hired by the Carter administration, and worked for the White House Conference on Families. Reyes was hired by Archbishop Chaput, and worked for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. Carr sat on the board of the leftist Center for Community Change; Reyes is co-founder of the Augustine Institute. Carr will be taking a post at Harvard’s Kennedy School; Reyes is a former vice-president of Christendom College.

To read it all, go to Phil Lawler's On the News Column at Catholic Culture.Org

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Anonymous said...

It seems lately (or maybe always) Catholic Culture only gives half the story (perhaps because as Michal V. indicates of the Catholic opinion writers they are so heavily dependent/subsidized by the Catholic church). According to the Washington Post, John Carr is going to Harvard for ONE semester:

"After a semester as a fellow at Harvard University’s school of government, he will return with his wife, Linda, to their home in Cheverly in Prince George’s County and launch a program at Catholic University. He hopes the Center on Catholic Social Teaching and Public Engagement will bring together Catholics from both sides: Democrats and Republicans, those who focus on church teachings against war and poverty and those who focus on church teachings on abortion and marriage."

Last fall USCCB hired Dan Avila to spearhead marriage "defense" effort only to fire him w/in weeks.

I don't know if it seems strange to anyone else, but it seems very strange to me that people are lauding "Catholic" education from colleges founded by lay people: Ave Maria & Christendom. Seems to me there is no difference between this and Protestantism. The continuation and expansion of the church has always been people who leave everything to follow Christ -but this half way "Catholic Culture" or "Church Militant" is like zealots and pharisees shouting and pointing at the corrupt priests and scribes, while expecting to be paid (and applauded) well for their speeches (indeed demand & collect "charitable" contributions for these writings/speeches) and to live and jet around like millionaires or (minimum) upper middle class (how many trips to Rome has MV made). These people are in love w/some figment of their imagination "the Catholic CHURCH" the way Jews were in love w/their RELIGION rather than w/Jesus Christ (and Him crucified). In a way it is almost as obscene to read/watch these Catholic lay people in action as it is to watch the corrupt priests and scribes (similar to watching the distorted message of televangelists).

I do not see the people willing to give up everything to follow Jesus Christ. Only those people can pass on the Gospel in the purity (charity and glory to God) that the church has been blessed with throughout the centuries.

It is also frightening to think that if only Catholic colleges are those founded by lay people, and even (especially) seminaries in Rome are infested w/homosexual vice (not to mention heterodoxy) where are priests (and nuns) being formed?

What would you think of a 30 year old priest, formed in Rome (someone from Pope's own household), who in a prepared speech delivered after mass (a time Catholics traditionally spent w/Jesus Christ whom they'd just rec'd but now spend listening to profane parish announcements) - he especially used one of the shorter eucharistic prayers so there'd be time for this speech w/out "church" going over 1 hour - tells his congregation that he is not friendly because "I am not a farmer" (this is a direct quote) "I am from New York" (no doubt he never saw "Terms of Endearment").