Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No tears shed for St. Aloysius

Normally, when I hear about the closing of a Catholic church, it saddens me. And that was the way I thought when I saw the headline in The Washington comPost (Sept. 9, 2012). But my thoughts changed, as I read the article a few times.

My reading reminded me of my my previous posts and the one time, of my recent visit.  In fact, the closing is actually a good thing and may be part of the very slow revival of a faithful Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington.

So, we have the comment by a L. Tydings (of the People's Republic of Takoma Park), which leads many of us to believe that if you were a dissenter (pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, etc.), you were not only welcome but your views were respected and honored.

And the comment by Teddi Ann Galligan (DC) complaining about the church's stance of married and women priests. All I can say is; Hey lady, blame the fact that the Jesuits cannot attract young men to their order. Having seen them in action over the last few years, makes me wonder about their upholding of the faith, and could be one reason why men are not flocking to their order. Also, it was up to the Jesuits (although Cardinal Wuerl could have done something, if he wished) who refused to have it staffed by other orders or even to turn it over to the Archdiocese. Don't blame the Catholic Church. Look to the Jesuit's on this one Teddi Ann.

St. Al's was always a bed of dissent. It seemed to look the other way on homosexual relationships and was considered to be a very gay friendly church. It recently hosted a retreat by dissident Bishop Gumbleton (ret.). And, from the altar a parishioner was asking others to support the Occupy protesters.

So, I do not shed a tear for the closing of St. Al's.


Dymphna said...

I had a feeling that the closing was for the best.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit -- if you Google Ms. Tydings' name, it appears she is a religion teacher at Good Counsel High School in Olney.