Thursday, February 21, 2013

Medical examiner says abortion complications caused Morbelli death

BALTIMORE, February 20, 2013, (Operation Rescue) - The chief medical examiner’s office has released the cause and manner of death for Jennifer Morbelli, the 29-year old kindergarten teacher who died after receiving a 33-week abortion by LeRoy Carhart.

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Anonymous said...

Almost no-one is covering this woman's death except LifeSite News. Just got an email from "Maryland Right to Life" with not a mention - wonder if it's because McKenna-Morbelli's Catholic IRISH or because MRDTL gets so much funding from the Catholic church and the Catholic Church is hand in glove w/the Catholic (IRISH) politicians who have ensured we not only have late term abortion in Maryland, but also gay marriage! But hey, this year they're grabbin' our guns and outlawin' the death penalty (w/Bishop Lori's testimony)! I hope they realize they're outlaw justice only applies to Maryland. When they die and face God's justice, they will burn in hell eternally for their crimes.