Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Lavendar Mafia is still powerful but we can fight it.

Over the last few days, there have been a number of reports of a special report, only held by the Pope, on the homosexuals within the clergy in Rome. 

On the heels of this, we have a story, published in LifeSite news, that the homosexual underground is alive and well. 

It is important that anyone who comes across information about a priest who is not living a chaste life, should be immediately be reported.  If a priest, deacon or religous who is supporting homosexual unions, should also be report to the Archdiocese for immediate removal.  If that does not work, then take it up the next step -- to the Holy See -- with copies of all documention.

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

In this archdiocese? One had better make such reporting a PUBLIC event. Remember what happened to Father Guarnizo last year?

I've no bones opining that this DC chancery is part and parcel of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I reported Msgr. Jameson, Rector of St. Matthew's Cathedral for signing a "Declaration of Religious Support for Marriage Equality" to the ADW w/a copy to the Nuncio Vigano & the Better Business Bureau. I am not sure whether it was the BBB cc/or the new nuncio's work, but I did receive a reply:

"Grace and peace to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mr. Edward D'Antoni, Director of Planned Giving, shared with me your letter of June 29, 2012. Thank you for taking the time to convey your concerns.

Regarding the Statement from DC Clergy United for Marriage Equality and the accompanying list of signers, I looked into the matter and learned that Msgr. Ronald Jameson of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle did not (underlined) sign the statement, nor did he authorize his name to be added.

Thank you for your very generous support...Sincerely in Christ, /s/ Rev. Wm D. Byrne, Secretary for Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns"

As you are no doubt aware Rev. Jameson is still the "rector" of the Cardinal's own cathedral in DC.

The link containing his signature is still on the web:

Anonymous said...

More sadly, in searching for the signature today, I located this blog post from June 2012:

"I began to consider early in my boyhood the mystery and wonder of the priesthood, and discerning a vocation has never truly ended for me. I was an altar boy, I rang church bells for mass, helped with holy communion, and did a lot of kneeling. When I moved to Washington, DC the first thing I sought was a Catholic community, which I found at Saint Matthew’s Cathedral on Rhode Island and Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle. There, I joined the Young Adults group, and the first person that welcomed me, a man named Chris, told me he could tell I was discerning. Like attracts like, I suppose, because he soon gave up his career as an engineer to take holy orders as a contemplative monk. At St. Matt’s, I also continued as an acolyte, serving mass with Monsignor Ronald Jameson. I wore an alb and was often taken for a priest, which is a real compliment in ways too personal to describe...

"I was 23, perhaps the right age to start discerning a vocation. For Catholics, a vocation, a calling, isn’t just for holy orders....

"This is where my story gets bumpy. I’m openly gay, have been since I was 16 and I’m sure it was detectable to my family long before that age. The order didn’t mind that. Religious Orders make their own rules and guidelines for accepting novitiates...

"Father Moreno said, “You think too much...And that’s when I took a moment, bowed my head, and asked to be driven to the train station...

"After that experience, I was determined not to give up. I asked the rector of St. Matthew’s to become my spiritual director; we met many times and talked and prayed about discerning a vocation to the priesthood. I went to lunch or dinner with many diocesan priests in Washington, most memorable of all was a long and honest dinner with then Father now Monsignor Ed Filardi. He was charming, smiled and laughed a lot; his joyful presence inspired me and encouraged my faith.

"My meeting with the arch diocese’s vocation’s director turned everything around though. I told that priest about my trip to New York, my talk with Father Moreno, my decision not to join that particular order, and my interest in diocesan priesthood. He talked to me about the diocesan life, which comes with a salary and a commitment to serve the arch diocese. It felt like a job interview. Then he asked about sex. I told him I was an out and active homosexual, and in one subtle move he closed his notebook and set it squarely on his lap. I would need to be celibate for at least three years, he said, before I could be considered for the seminary. We thanked one another, shook hands, and I left the church."

Perhaps if this man (whose blog is entitled "Untying my Hands")had lied the notebook would not have been closed despite everyone knowing he was a non-celibate homosexual. My question is why would Msgr. Jameson & Msgr. Filardi be discussing a vocation to the priesthood with an open non-celibate homosexual? What kind of spiritual direction is Fr. Jameson giving to homosexuals that are non-celibate?

According to his blog, this man "also serves as the college-wide coordinator for MC Pride and Allies, Montgomery College’s faculty and staff organization for an accepting MC. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his dog Molly."

You may take this info to the ADW and to Rome, but before wasting your time I suggest you watch this video interview of Fr. Rosica's (homo marriage supporter himself) w/the new nuncio Pope Benedict sent to Ireland (straight from Rome via NY) to clean up the homosexual mess there:

P.S. This article from Poland is almost a year old and Fr Jacek ("The way Father Jacek Prusak opposes the Holy Father is inadmissible and scandalous") Prusak SJ is still spreading his homo poison throughout Poland.