Monday, September 4, 2017

Fr. Martin must be removed from the Vatican Commission!

Fr. Martin once again show us how much supports the LBGTUVWXYZ lifestyle and goes against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Martin must be removed as an advisor on Communications!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

That would be nice, but that's not the root problem. He remains precisely because his actions meet with the pope's approval. Until we address that problem, we're just addressing symptoms rather than the root cause.

TLM said...

'That's not the root problem' hit the nail on the head. Fr. Martin is a 'Francis Man' and is there precisely because of Francis! Francis appointed him! Are we not 'discovering' that Francis appoints these dissidents so that they can speak 'for him'?? Yes, Francis says enough himself to curl your toenails, but the blatantly dissident promotions, he leaves to his 'personally appointed' cabal. Until we deal with the root problem, we're pretty much sunk, and we as lay Catholics have no recourse. It's up to the Bishops and they are doing NOTHING. We are SOL to put it bluntly!