Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Archdiocese Annual Appeal - Someone is missing. Is it you?

In the last issue of the Catholic Standard (January 24, 2019), they were so excited to let everyone know that 39,000 people had given over $14million.  

Now, on the surface this seems wonderful.  However, this worry the Archdiocese.

What they did not tell you, is that the number of people who have contributed over the last 10 plus years, has dropped from 47,000 to 39,000.  In other words, there are over 8,000 fewer people contributing.

This was a trend that I highlighted in March 2011 on this blog.  Although the Archdiocese was able to meet the goal, there are simply fewer and fewer people giving.  

Will 2019 become the tipping point?  Will this year once again see fewer donations and fewer donors?  Don't know but will keep watching.


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