Thursday, July 11, 2019

Can You Raise $$$? The Archdiocese of Washington Needs You ASAP!

Not only has the Archdiocese of Washington has seen donations, esp. among many big donors, go down, they also seem to have a hard time finding people to fill the slots dealing with fund raising.  Trust me on both.

Below you will find two images showing the open jobs.  However, even though the date shows that the jobs have been open since early July, they were actually advertised in mid-June.  They just repost every few weeks.

Now, it is my understanding (thanks Melvin), that the jobs pay very, very well.  But it seems that they are having a hard time (thanks again Melvin) finding people to fill them.   Oh, and don't think that they have not looked internally but that is another story for another day.

So, if you are looking for a fundraising position, one that helps keeps those who cannot keep their vows, and those who protect them, in positions of authority and comfort (aka Msgr. Rossi and Archbishop Wilton), then there is a job for you in Hyattsville.

PS:  Thank you George Neumayr!  He has done fantastic work bringing to light the corruption in this Archdiocese.  If you can help him out:



Unknown said...

I just contacted the office at the National Shrine to request I be removed from their mailing list. After receiving a beautiful calander of pictures of the Blessed Mother with a financial appeal from Msgr Rossi knowing what I know thanks to your YouTube reporting I can no longer be a support to the darkness going on in Washington.

Scott said...

I agree George does a great job and is doing this independently. If you work for an "official" Catholic News Org they don't allow for too much Truth and they prefer none at all. A reporter was fired from the Catholic Herald who suggested that they Cancel the Amazonian Synod. This is the synod where we've been told we need to look to these actual savages who kill their babies after they are born, we need to learn from them. No converts down there in 60 years.

Aqua said...

The Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception is by far my favorite Cathedral in the world.

Board it up, as far as I’m concerned. For now. Pending change.


Dear Unknown:

I cannot take credit for the original reporting on Msgr. Rossi. That has to go to George Neumayr. He deserves all the credit.