Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chris Core of WMAL (630AM) Gone

Although I could not always listen to Chris Core (9am - 12noon, M-F) because of work, I tried to do so when I could. In fact, I was even able to call in once in a while.

The best was that I got him to call Nancy Pelosi's office (and urge his listeners to do so too) and ask her to resign after something stupid she (or someone else did).

Mr. Core is a Catholic and made mention of it periodically during his shows.

He was a gentleman on the air and will be missed.

Thank you.

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Ben Schumin said...

"He was a gentleman on the air and will be missed."

Seems you hit the nail right on the head. Chris Core was indeed a gentleman on talk radio, which was a rarity indeed. And his show gave great coverage to local issues, which also is a rarity for a radio talk show anymore...