Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(Deacon) Dan Stallings - An Update

As you many of you know, Dan Stallings was removed as a Deacon at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church (Silver Spring, MD), when it was learned that he had been arrested for incest in December of 2007. These acts (over 60 times) occurred in the late 1960's and early 1970's with his step-daughter. Although these acts occurred before he became a Deacon, it does not negate the disgusting crime committed.

On January 16, 2008, a note was distributed to the parishioners of that parish that he was accused of sexual misconduct with one of the participants in the parish youth group in the late 1990's.

On Tuesday (March 18, 2008), he pleaded guilty to five counts of incest and one count of fourth-degree sexual assault in the Montgomery County Circuit Court (Maryland).

He will be sentenced on May 15th.

For the report by WTOP, please click here.


Please keep those who were abused by Dan Stallings in your prayers.

Please keep the parishoners of St. John the Evangelist in your prayers too.


Anonymous said...

This is just great. I have not heard about this case (and I am currently in the permanent deaconate program in Washington DC). Having seen what damage this type of abuse can do to a person, my wife was abused by her stepfather from ages 7 - 12, I hope that he gets the maximum penalty and I encourage everyone to pray for the victimes.

Anonymous said...

Please support the victims of this terrible crime by asking the Honorable Judge S. Michael Pincus, (Montgomery County), to give Dan Stallings the maximum penalty. Thank you.

Linda said...

I wish more people read this. Dan should be sent to jail for his actions. He lied to his family, his deceased wife, his faith, his parish...and has not asked for forgiveness from any one. The judge is currently thinking that he should serve no jail time since he is 73. I believe a man capable of sexually abusing his step daughter, niece, and making advances to a young woman in the parish 10 years ago is more than capable of committing this acts in the future! We need to protect all children from these predators, Catholic or not. I can tell you right now if he is not sent to jail it will be a crime. How many men are not sentenced to jail because of their age and allowed out in the community to potentially damage more young lives? This is a crime in our society! To let Judge Pincus know how you feel please email Donna Fenton. At this point everyone should be emailing her!