Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Archbishop Wuerl Dangerous for the Archdiocese?

With the consolidation of schools in the inner city, the talk that he will consolidate schools in southern Maryland next, his refusal to admonish schools with pro-abortion and pro-homosexual activities, the question that I am posing is: Is Archbishop Wuerl Dangerous for the Archdiocese.

A few days ago, I was sent a link by someone whom I have known for over 16 years.

It paints a very bleak and dangerous picture of Archbishop Wuerl. Even if only half of the things in the article are true, it was a mistake to appoint him.

I wish I had known about this before.

The article is from May 2006 and written by Matt C. Abbott.


Anonymous said...

For the past 8 months I have been sounding the cry about Archbishop Wuerl's school closing agenda. It is much more diabolical than you know. He closed 3 school quickly (spring of "07). He is closing 7 others this Spring. There is the propaganda report that these schools are being turned into "value based Charter schools", but this is just putting lip stick on a hog. These "Charter" operators appointed by Wuerl are two commercial real estate developers with NO history or experience in schools. They do have alot of experience in selling real estate.
Wuerl is loading the archdiocene office with a very liberal group of cohorts. It is very distressing. I do not know where to go for help and/or advice in fighting this tusami of distruction.

Dymphna said...

I think if he tries this in Southern Maryland he'll have a nasty fight on his hands.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogg. You are the only one who is being a "watch dog" on the Archdiocese of D.C.
Thought you would like to know that the Archdiocese has discontined its "Needy Parish Fund". This Fund allowed our poorer parishes an outlet to go to if they needed emergency funds for a leaky roof, facility reairs or any other unexpected and un budgeted event. The purpose of canceling this age old aide to parishes is to slowly strangle their ability to take care of their church. This will then give the Archdiocese the ability to close these churches, saying that they can not sustain themselves. Our Archdioceses next diabolical campaign is to close many of our inner city churches ( especially the ones affiliated with the schoos that are closing). These properties are all in areas that are ripe with redevelopment. You only have to drive by Holy Name, St. Gabriels, Immaculate Conception to see what is behind our Archdiocene game plan. I really feel that our Archdiocese has been infiltrated by the far left element. who are working hand in hand with realestate developers.such as the two that have been given the Charter school take over of the consortium Catholic schools. ( ex.Jack Griffin) First these churches will be demonted to "Chaples", without a perment priest assigned to them. Then they will be consolidated, last step -closed.
Look out, the worst is yet to come. I will keep you posted.