Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some Thoughts on: Why is the Church Abandoning Them? (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday...

Third, Archbishop Wuerl is a consolidator. If certain segments of the Archdiocese are not in the at least breaking even, he will close them. He did it in Pittsburgh and he will do it here.

Fourth, our own Catholic groups are working against Catholic education. The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC), USCCB, etc. have stopped fighting for vouchers/tax breaks for parents who send their children to Catholic schools. It is no where on their radar screens. Instead, they fight for reduced tuition rates for illegal aliens and increased taxes for people like you and me.

Archbishop Wuerl was negligent in not coming out with the closures at least one year in advance and not in November/December. This would have given the parishes some time to think about how to raise the necessary funds or come up with some other alternatives. Unfortunately, it was done, so that there would be no alternative.

However, I there are a couple of things about the article which are particularly bothersome to me.

1. “Committee to Save Black Catholic Schools” If Ms. Allen had written “Committee to Save White Catholic Schools” there would have been hell to pay by the author and the schools in question. The issue is not “black” or “white,” the issue is: Catholic schools. Period. End of Story. To inject race in it, will only drive away support. If this was really about race, then Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be setting up a couple of news conferences.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutly right. I believe that one or two of the inner city Catholic schools would have remained opened if the appeal was made to ALL Catholics. This is more than a race issue, it is the Archbishops "terrible swift sword". He does not see education of Catholics as a high priority(but he looks on their real estate as his own private gold mine), When Catholics in the suburbs realize that his sight are also on their schools and parishes they will be outraged. But they will have lost the moral upper hand, because they stood by and watched the schools in the city be closed. No one raised a concern. The enormity of what the Archbishop is doing is without precident in our archdiodese.