Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is Msgr. Dudzaik thinking?

I guess I missed it.

Yep, I missed the showing at St. Rose of Lima in Gaithersburg of For the Bible Tells Me So on Monday, April 21, 2008.

Yes, this pro-homosexual film, is aimed that showing those who believe that homosexuality is wrong, that it is an acceptable lifestyle and is acceptable to God.

Yes, there is even an interview with the Rev. Gene Robinson. Yes, the one and only Gene Robinson -- the first gay bishop of the Episcopalian Church. The ordination of which is splitting the Episcopalian Church.

Now, can someone tell me why this is being shown in a Catholic Church? If we believe that that particular lifestyle is wrong, then why are they showing a film that says that this is an acceptable lifestyle? If this is a ministry that they is important (and I think that it is), then why are they not have a Courage Chapter?

The Archbishop needs to admonish Msgr. Dudzaik for this sort of stuff. But he won't.

Another parish in which the faithful are being led astray by their priest.


Anonymous said...

It was not shown at St. Rose, but at one's private home. Have you seen the film? Part of discerning one's conscience is to do research on the topic. I also believe that the church teaches something about compassion. There are Christian parents in the film that do not agree or accept their children's partners as well.

Again, exclusivity and fear based hate-mongering. Are you a parishioner at St. Rose? Do you contribute your time, talent and treasure to them? If not, why do you care. Work on building the kingdom around you and not criticizing others and tearing it apart.


Thank you for your posting.

Although you seem to believe that I am "hate-mongering" and "exclusive" (I think this is the third time you have used those words to describe me), I have published your comments word for word, comma for comma.

If I was, the way you have portrayed me, I would have not posted your comments.

Remember, ALL ARE WELCOME at AWashingtonDCCatholic blog. Even dissenters.

Anonymous said...

I did not use the words to describe you, just your postings and retoric. Last time I checked Catholics are also Christians (unless you ask a Fundamentalist or some Evangelicals).

All are welcome on your site, but do all feel welcome or equal? Your retoric seems to indicate a resounding "no". Show me where your 2 posts dealing with St. Rose indicate compassion and a commitment to working together for unity (not uniformity) among believers and I shall believe it.

Remember, the people thought the blind man was a sinner until Jesus showed them otherwise. Sometimes we don't realize our words or actions are hurting others unless it is pointed out. So, thank you and forgive me for using such harsh words when typing "hate-mongering". I will adhere to the words "fear" and "exclusive", though.

It seems as though you don't only have a lot of negative opinions about St. Rose, but of the Catholic Church in general. Why so much time publicly complaining? A more productive approach would be to accept the church for what it is (imperfect), work with a mind to meet people where they are to change it, or maybe it's time to find some place where everyone has the same opinions, I think that's called a cult.


Anyone can call themselves Christian. Not everyone can call themselves Catholic. There is a difference and that is the point. You may call it exclusive, I call it being honest and upfront about my set of beliefs. I may not always carry them out as I should, but I try.

Whether or not you feel welcome when you arrive or not at this site, is entirely up to you. This blog is not written to make everyone feel good and to feel welcome -- that is the moral relativist attitude. That seems to be the attitude you tell me about at St. Rita -- one of unity over Church teaching.

Just as you are welcome to come here, you are also welcome to leave at any time. I like to call it "free will."

You may call my postings and I, whatever you like, as long as no "foul language" or "threats" are used. That is entirely up to you.

Actually, I think that the Church does many good things. I have posted some of those over the last few months, such as the collection for food banks, or the Knights of Columbus. There are many, many blogs that offer praises of the Church or descriptions of the scripture, etc.

However, I also believe it is important to point out when something is wrong, and there is a great deal wrong. Two of those wrongs occured at St. Rose of Lima.

Like it or not, that is how I see it and that is how many others see it too.