Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catholic Education & The Catholic Standard

It seems that the Catholic Standard (or My Catholic Standard) has focused on Catholic Education for a third week in a row. The Diocese of Washington DC, Wilmington (DE) and Baltimore have issued a joint statement on Catholic Education entitled: An Outstanding Apostolate of Hope: Maryland's Catholic Schools

Boy, I haven't seen this much coverage on a topic since the Pope's visit.

Archbishop Wuerl must be prepping us for some serious closings.

More on this next week.

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Anonymous said...

Concerning Archbishop Wuerl's education plans. This year he has burdened the teachers with such a list of new requirements that the teachers have been asking if maybe he wants them to become discouraged and quit. The other thought is that Wuerl is getting them ready for a charter take over.
There is tremendous concern among Catholic teachers. It would be an important contribution to address these dedicated educators concerns.
Also, have your seen this years "Safe Child" program?It now includes a video that has left children seriously disturbed and grossed out. Check it out. It is really disturbing for children under the age of 12.