Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why does Doug Kmiec do what he does?

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) as it currently stands is ineffective and in many instances, supports organizations which do not necessarily support Catholic teaching. It must be shut down and reorganized. Please boycott the CCHD. Read more here.


Why does Doug Kmiec do what what he does? I wondered about that for a long time.

Matt Abbott believes he has the answer.


Anonymous said...

I have been unable to access who the Board of Directors of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Would you have this information?


The closest that I could find was in the 2006-2007 Annual Report:

Page 14 and 15.

Anonymous said...

Focusing on support for Obama or McCain based on Catholic teaching will get us all backed in to a corner: McCain, supposedly pro-life, opposes abortion BUT supports embryonic stem cell research AND capital punishment. Someone truly pro-life WOULD NOT be in favor of capital punishment. And that is no less an assualt on Catholic values than abortion.

Is the life of an unborn child more valuable than a aged sinners?

Of course not! At least not according to the Church. But, it appears to be the case with most mainstream 'conservative' Catholics.

This debate needs to take on the complexity and nuance inherent in this issue and not limit 'pro-life' to antiabortion.

Mr Flapatap said...

"Is the life of an unborn child more valuable than a aged sinners?"

No, but 1,500,000 lives lost a year to abortion compared to 1 - 15 executions give the abortion issue a certain sense of priority.

Anonymous said...

"...1,500,000 lives lost a year to abortion compared to 1 - 15 executions give the abortion issue a certain sense of priority."

Exactly my point. This is not a "pro-life" position. It's an anti-abortion position. If that is the corner stone issue in selecting the president, so be it. But, that leaves little in the equation for selecting a candidate based on his/her ability to carry out ALL the duties of the office.


To the last Anon:

If you don't consider the killing of over 1.5 million lives -- innocent, who have done nothing but to be born -- a anti-abortion position, you really need to look inward at yourself.

Obama, and is whom you are probably voting for, doesn't even want to answer the question on abortion in a debate because it is above his pay grade? you mean the issue of life and death as the President of the US is above your pay grade?

What an empty suit!

Anonymous said...

AAoWDCC: Your last post seems a little incoherent... everything OK?

The issue is anti-abortion, not pro-life. That's my first point. Let me be clear: The GOP should not use and we should not accept the 'pro-life' banner from them and consider them in-step with Catholic teaching if they are going to support capital punishment, embryonic stem cell research, unprovoked warfare, etc.

Second, if you limit your criteria for selecting a president to his/her position on abortion, you are not fairly assessing all of the qualifications necessary for the job. Unless and until the president appoints a supreme court justice, there will be little he/she can do to influence abortion policy. Meanwhile, they could be making major fumbles on foreign policy, economic policy, etc. profoundly affecting the quality of all of our lives.

-Last Anon.


Your arguements are right out of the Catholic left playbook. Anything to justify voting for Obama.

Actually, I believe you can be pro-life and pro-Capital punishment. Remember, one group has done nothing other than to be born. Remember, the Catholic Catechism does not rule out captial punishment.

However, I think that George Weigel sums things up much better than I can....so I will defer to him..


Anonymous said...

Weigl does sum it up well...But narrowly.

You've worn me down. Go. Vote for the anti-abortion candidate based on that sole qualification. And I'll pray the rest will take care of itself. McCain wants to return the abortion question to the states - that means we can watch this battle play out 50 times. The good news is, that will free up McCain to address health care, education, national security, energy, etc.... That is, of course, you're in favor of his position on those other issues. Or does it matter?