Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Missed It...Did You?

Well folks, it looks like I missed the last meeting of the dissenters at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Darn.

Never ceases to amaze me how a supposedly Catholic parish can host dissenters on a regular basis. But then again, it is Holy Trinity and run by the Jesuits. Need I say more?

BTW, VOTF has thrown in their lot with Fr. Bourgeouis. Talk about your dissenters.

The folks over in Hyattsville will turn a blind eye.

But, what else is new.


Anonymous said...

Well, even if it is a Jesuit parish, there is no excuse.
I'm really sick of this. Is the parish Catholic or not? If yes, then they shouldn't be there.
But, it is the typical Novus Ordo mentality where the bishop does nothing about such dissent.
Does the archbishop know about it? If not he should be informed and hopefully he will do something.

Katherine said...

The Archbishop is well aware and Catholics have every right to participate in VOTF.