Friday, December 19, 2008

CHA President Supports Obama's Health Picks

According to LifeNews.Com:

The president of the Catholic Health Association, Sister Carol Keehan, has issued a response to the pro-life advocates who are upset with her statement praising two pro-abortion picks by incoming president Barack Obama.

Instead of backing down from her position, Sister Keehan goes further by offering a defense of Obama as well as his new pro-abortion Health Secretary Tom Daschle and pro-abortion deputy health care director Jeanne Lambrew.

They are committed to getting access to quality health care for all Americans, including pregnant women and their unborn babies," Keehan adds. "It is my belief that we ... will prevent more abortions by ensuring tangible health care for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Wow. This sounds like it was taken out of the Catholics for Obama playbook.

Maybe it is because they see this as a chance for socialized medicine?


Anonymous said...

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Simplex Vir said...

DC Catholic,

I am not sure what you expected but this is not new. People even religious who are supposed to be duty bound to The Holy See want to be included.

This is nothing more than people knowing which side of their bread the butter is on.

You will see more of this. The error being of course that less abortions are better than more abortions. CHA is NOT a Catholic institution it is now a worldly institution. They have given into the temptation that God cannot work miracles and they have to take matters into their own hands by playing nice with evil to reduce the impact of evil.

Doesn't make much sense does it?

Katherine said...

Every word Sister said is true and she seems to have the same spirit as the very kind (and extraordinary) message of the Holy Father to the President Elect.