Thursday, December 11, 2008

They are not clowing around -- National Migration Week

Well, it looks like the USCCB is at it again with National Migration Week 2009.

Although they are not clowning around this year, there is still lots of funny business.

Looking through some of the materials offered for use by teachers, I came across a song entitled: I AM AN ALIEN by Wilfred Suprena.

I guess the basic idea of the song is that all of us aliens and throughout the years aliens have been abused and taken advantage of.

However, as I reviewed the song, there are some questions (among many) that came to my mind regarding the song and aliens.

1. The song says that aliens have no skin color, but then the writer talks about "dark skin, red skin." What about "white skin"? Are their no aliens who are white? Or are those with "white skin" the "no skin color" ones? Are aliens only those who are "dark or red"? (Hey, don't call me racist, I am just using the songwriter's own words.)

2. She talks about aliens being made slaves in Ancient Rome and in the Middle Ages (probably in Europe). You mean that there were no "aliens" who were slave in other societies at other times? I guess there were no alien slaves in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Greece, Timbuktu, Babylon, etc.

3. I am not certain what aliens have to do with Austerlitz? I had no idea that there were millions of aliens from the Czech Republic, did you?

4. I did not know that there were aliens from Auschwitz? Or is she saying that the prisoners kept and killed there were aliens? Or, when the war ended, those who were held there were aliens?

5. Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Again, I am not certain. Does she mean that the population in those cities were aliens, which is why it was bombed? Or did the population become aliens after it was bombed? Or, is it a way to throw a bone to the anti-nuclear/revisionist history crowd?

Ah yes, the funny business continues sans clown at the USCCB.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of funding such rubbish, why doesn't the USCCB divert the money to good use such as child care for for women who have, praise God, chosen not to abort their babies.