Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anti-Catholicism and Georgetown University

Well, for a "Catholic" university, it seems that quite a number of anti-Catholic things seem to take place:

March 21: Desecration of the Our Lady of Fatima statue. University did not seem to do much. Washington Post did not report it. Guess it will not be classified as a hate crime and therefore, no one will undergo sensitivity training on Catholicism. Wonder if the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) will push a bill to make this sort of stuff a hate crime. Probably not.

March 30: The unofficial student club H*yas for Choice is sponsoring a workshop titled: Sex, Lies, and Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

March 31: Being Religious AND Pro-Choice. Hear representatives from Catholics for Choice and Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom discuss how they incorporate their pro-choice beliefs with their religious beliefs. And most of all, come see why being religious doesn't mean you can't be pro-choice.

Once again, the Jesuits really can show everyone how to run a Catholic University.

Where is Fr. Reese on this or is he still to busy defending the Most Merciful, the Lord High Barack Obama and stem cell research, and his visit to Notre Dame.

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