Monday, April 20, 2009

An Open Letter to Archbishop Wuerl

Dear Archbishop Wuerl:

Over 30 of your brother Bishops have spoken out against the abomination of Notre Dame's invitation to President Obama. Some have been very polite and others have come out and laid it on the line. No matter how they have said it, you have not thrown your biretta in the ring (so to speak). Over 300,000 other Catholics have spoken out against this.

Are you worried that by speaking out you will loose any chance of saving the DC Opportunity Scholarships?

Are you worried that the Archdiocese will not obtain any Federal funding for any of our social programs?

Are you hoping that by being silent, the social justice crowd will join you in support of Catholic schools and scholarships?

Are you hoping that by being silent you will help to change immigration policy?

Are you hoping that by being silent, the lifting of the conscience clause on Catholic medical providers will stay in place?

Are you hoping that by remaining silent, you will contiue to receive large Forward in Faith donations?

Let me put to rest those fears to rest once and for all.

President Obama and the Democratic Party couldn't care less what you do or do not think, as long as you allow him to continue to co-op your priests, religious and lay people to get what he wants. And you are doing just what he wants.

Oh, and forget the social justice crowd. There has not been a peep out of them on the DC Opportunity Scholarships, abortion, etc. They are just a bunch of noise makers.

Your brother bishop in NYC has made his voice clear on this matter.

It is your turn.

You are the local bishop in the Nation's Capital. Stand Up. Raise your voice.

Stand Up.

Raise your voice.

Be silent no more!




Help Stop Obama at Notre Dame, sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

Excellent letter. I think the Archbishop is keeping his head down in the desperate hope that he can just get out of here and go to Rome where his silence and lack of leadership will go unnoticed.

Dymphna said...

He won't say a word

Anonymous said...

Did you actually send it to the AB?

Anonymous said...

Some of us are desperate for the Archbishop to get out of here and go to Rome or anywhere else. If keeping silent on these issues will get him out of here faster, then please God, let the man keep silent!


To Anon at 5:18pm:

The answer is no, I did not send it to him. I have given up on ever getting a response or to see a change on how things are done.

I post my letters here, in a public forum, with the hope that things will change.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic letter.

Have you seen this?

It is an article from 2006 that talks about the future of DC in the hands of Wuerl. Honestly, I think it's a great premonition.

Phil Onochie