Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lesbian Friendly Catholic Churches in Washington DC?

Recently, I stumbled across a website entitled: Conference for Catholic Lesbians, Inc.

As I browsed their website, I came across a section entitled: Welcoming Places for LGBT Catholics. When I clicked on Gay and Lesbian Friendly parishes, it provided a list for Maryland and Washington DC. Here is the list:

- Dahlgren Chapel of Georgetown University (DC)
- St. Aloysius (DC)
- Holy Trinity (DC)
- St. Matthew Cathedral (DC)
- St. Rose of Lima (Gaithersburg)

First, the Conference of Catholic Lesbians is part of the network of dissident groups, such as Voice of the Faithful, Call to Action, etc.

Now, in reviewing their website, this organization is pushing for lesbians to live in a homosexual lifestyle, while maintaining that they are Catholics in good standing. This is of course in total opposition to the beliefs of the Church.

In looking at the various parishes/churches above, I would believe that Holy Trinity and at the Dahlgren Chapel of Georgetown University, would easily look the other way (and even possibly encourage) gays and lesbians to live a life that is totally opposed to the Church, while considering themselves faithful Catholics.

St. Rose of Lima is a parish that I have discussed previously on this blog. However, if you have noticed, their weekly bulletin does not have much on events dealing with homosexuals. Maybe it is because of the attention they have received via this blog. Maybe it is something else. But it is hidden under the radar.

St. Matthew's is a different matter, or maybe I am simply unaware. I know that St. Matthew's for many, many years has had outreach program (Courage) and now has Always Our Children. These are in line with Church teachings. However, maybe there is something that I am not aware of.


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Anonymous said...

I received the following but have not confirmed its accuracy. Apparently Pres. Obama will be speaking at Gaston Hall at Georgetown University tomorrow (April 14) morning at 11:30 am. A gathering in protest will meet at the main gate to Georgetown Campus on 37th Street at 10:30. If you can be there and are interested in carrying signs, they will be yours for the carrying.