Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help Stop Maryland Senate Bill 785

The second of the two bills in the Maryland General Assembly, which represent an erosion of respect for human sexuality and disregard for our society's foundational relationship have unexpectedly advanced in the General Assembly and could become law. Please write and urge our legislators to stop this.

According to the Maryland Catholic Conference:

Senate Bill 785 codifies language regarding same-sex domestic partnerships by exempting them from the inheritance tax. While providing such a benefit is easy to do without including a problematic definition of domestic partners, the ultimate purpose of SB 785 is to expand the list of "limited" benefits available to domestic partners so as to eventually render such relationships legally equivalent to marriage. That would force state courts to recognize them as such, and is what happened in California and Connecticut. If SB 785 is approved, it would be the third such "limited" benefits bill passed in little over a year and the first to restrict such benefits to same-sex couples only.


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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrites you are. Have you no compassion for people who may not be of your sexual orientation? And you think you are going to Heaven!