Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Story -- Coming to Terms & Choosing Not to Abort.

Although I normally do not post on Sunday, I found a fantastic story of a "network of mothers and medical professionals who are providing support groups, medical advice, and Websites for pregnant mothers of children with disabilities."

Nancy Mayer-Whittington, whom I had the pleasure to recently meet, has written a book entitled, For The Love of Angels, about her experiences and co-founded a support group entitled Isaiah's Promise.

Anna Lise "Cubby" LaHood (co-founder of Isaiah's Promise with Nancy) and her husban Dan, are lay Missionaries of Charity. They operate the St. Joseph House, which provides respite and day care for children with sever disabilities.

"People think that your life is over when you have a handicapped child," Mr. Lahood says. "It's a cultural view to eliminate them as undesirable. They don't know what the demands are and what the rewards are."

The St. Joseph House is on my contribution list of good Catholic charities (not to say that there are not hundreds of others). You can make a contribution to them at: 1505 Cody Drive. Silver Spring, MD 20902.

To read more about this, go to the Washington Times. It's the cover story of their Sunday section.

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