Saturday, May 2, 2009

Policy for 2009 - Summary

The document Policy for 2009 by the Archdiocese of Washington is broken up into four parts:

Part 1: Catholic Identify
Part 2: Governance
Part 3: Excellence
Part 4: Affordability and Accessibility

Catholic Identity discusses what it means to be a Catholic School (elementary and secondary only). It covers the following topics:

- Defining Catholic Schools
- Designation as a Catholic School
- Standards for all Catholic Schools
- Communion and Cooperation with the Bishop
- Appropriate Celebration of Sacramental Life
- Environment permeated with the Gospel Spirit
- Teaching of the Faith

In Part 2: Governance, we find Levels of Affiliation (types of schools), Education Leadership, Advisory boards, and the process for a new school.

The types of schools were briefly discussed in Archbishop Wuerl’s Letter on Education. Here are the types of schools owned and operated by the Archdiocese (but different from independent Catholic schools, such as a Stone Ridge):

- Parish Schools
- Interparish School (parish school supported by multiple parishes)
- Regional Scool (one school designated for, and run by, multiple parishes according to a formal written agreement)
- Separately incorporated regional school (school serving multiple parishes and incorporated as a separate archdiocesan corporation with an appointed board of directors such as Mary of Nazareth School)
- Consortium Schools

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