Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open Letter to the Catholic Standard

I received my copy of the Catholic Standard last week and was taken back a bit by the full page story on the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama.

Although this was picked up from the Catholic News Service, I sat there as I read it and shook my head. First, that you would publish a story, which focused on his speech, that could have been easily been found in the Washington Post and the NY Times. If I wanted a pro-Obama slant, I would go there.

But where was the story about the 70 plus bishops (not 50) who spoke out against it? Where was the story about Fr. Father Norman Weslin, the 80 year old priest who was arrested and then tagged? How about the story on Norma McCorvey (aka Roe of Roe v Wade) who is now Roman Catholic and was arrested? These are the things that Fr. Jenkin's has brought on. Where are those stories?

But, to add insult to injury, the story uses the language of the pro-abortionists against us. You may not agree with the tactics of Randall Terry but the author of the uses the term "anti-abortion" not "pro-life" to describe him, and others who protested this terrible episode. Did you guys not read thru the story?

After the story which paints the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama in a favorable light, you then post the Life Issues Forum asking everyone to speak up against the embryonic stem cell research guidelines, which have been proposed by the Obama administration.

The only thing that seemed to be critical of this honor bestowed upon the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama was the lukewarm reminder by our Archbishop that Catholic universities must be one in the faith, the previous week. Although some in the Catholic blog world, praised it, those of us who live here know that this may be how he feels, but nothing will be done to bring into line Catholic universities like Trinity and Georgetown. Heck, if the Archbishop cannot stop Voice of the Faithful from meeting at St. Rose of Lima and Holy Trinity, why should we expect him to do anything about Catholic universities.

I thought you guys had made a turn for the better. I hope that this is a momentary lapse.

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