Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Latin Mass...and other things...

One of my readers has asked me to help publicize the fact that The Latin Mass is held at Old St. John's Church (9700 Rosensteel Ave.Forest Glen, MD 20910) every Sunday morning at 7:30am. This particular reader tells me that it is very well attended with a number of families with children. And, if that does not get you there, maybe the fact that coffee and donuts are served after Mass will.


One of my readers (or maybe a couple) have accused me of being an "angry" Catholic. Well, that got me to thinking. Maybe the name of this blog should be changed. So, you get a chance to vote and tell me what you think. No guarantee but who knows.


One of my readers left me a note about a particular ministry at a parish in this diocese. Can you send me an email telling me a little more about it? What are the objectives? Does it promote living a Catholic lifestyle --- not a Cafeteria Catholic lifestyle?

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