Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cardinal John O'Connor of NYC

Normally, I do not write about other locations, unless it is something that affects our Archdiocese. However, I was so moved by the tributes to Cardinal John O'Connor, I decided to share them with you:

The Cardinal speaks often of his father, who was a highly skilled craftsman in Philadelphia. He was a gold-leafer, meaning that he applied gold to buildings and works of art. The Cardinal has followed in his father’s steps. It is a different kind of gold, of course: a human gold not untouched by the divine; the gold of kindness, of generosity, of uncompromised witness to the truth, of devoted service to the end.
Richard John Neuhaus (1936—2009)

When I read that as a Navy chaplain he risked his life to be with his men, I saw my own devotion to truth as sadly safe and hypothetical. Cardinal O’Connor won my heart because I knew that someone greater had won his. I wanted to know that someone else.
Brian Caulfield is a communications specialist with the Knights of Columbus

I loved John Cardinal O’Connor as I did my own flesh-and-blood brother, Harold.
Edward Koch (Mayor of NYC - 1978- 1989)

My class was the first to go through all our years at the diocesan seminary with him as archbishop, and he was a model for us as a priest, and not only in his pro-life work. He came often to St. Joseph’s seminary and made a deliberate effort to know every one of his seminarians. He told us that “before I lay hands on you, I want to know who I’m giving this awesome responsibility to.” Once a month he brought the seminarians to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in cassock and surplice, and he would say “this is so you can see the people and they can see you.” Afterward he would take us to his residence for coffee and cookies. It was one of the ways he got to know us.
Fr. Frank Pavone - Priests for Life

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Thanks to Deacon Greg over at at the Deacon's Bench for highlighting this.

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