Monday, May 10, 2010

Catholic Standard Weekly Update

Well folks, it is that time again for our weekly review of the Catholic Standard.

The front and back pages of the Standard focus on the Cardinal Hickey Academy and how they celebrate the real presence of Christ. Really good stuff.

The inside cover has a story on the rallies protesting the Arizona Immigration Law. The story, which is picked up from Catholic News Service, never mentions the term "illegal" (as to breaking of the law) nor did it mention the violence at the protests in San Antonio, Phoenix, etc. Nope, everything was peaceful and beautiful.

We follow-up with another story on the generosity of the people of the Archdiocese to the Archbishop's Appeal, Haiti, etc.

Congratulations to the Ten teachers who received the Golden Apple Awards, for their excellence and committment to Catholic Education. We should especially be greatful to the Donahue Family Foundation, who sponsor these awards.

We have a huge story about Dr. James Ronan Jr. who offers his services for free to the poor.

The Blue Mass was offered on May 4th to pray for the safety of all law enforcement personnel. They do a great job and in many instances, get little respect, esp. from leftist politicians.

We have an article on Archbishop Sheen reminding us of the Year of the Priest.

However, I do want to draw your attention to the article on page 10: At Conference on faith and environment, participans learn about protection God's creation. It's a great article. Makes you really wonder what the heck is going through the minds of the folks down in Hyattsville.

Again, let me say this about stewardship of the environment. I agree that we should not waste things and be careful of what we use, but the problem I have is that it almost becomes a devotion (like to Our Lady of Fatima or Lourdes) with some of our Catholics. In some instances, it becomes the center of life. We talked about the celebration of Earth Day by one religious order.

Professor William Dinges, of CUA, speaks as though he was right out of the late 1960's. All we need is "In the Year 2525" by Zager and Evans playing the background.

However, we do have a true believer in Ingrid Jones, from St. Rose of Lima in Gaitherburg, who wants to raise environmental awareness. Her and "a group of parishioners on an environmental committee want to organize a film festival to bring issues such as corporate greed and global warming to the forefront."

First, I guess Ms. Jones has not gotten the message that global warming is a hoax. The scientific evidence is made up and manipulated. She probably bought into the who Al Gore thing, purchasing a couple of his DVDs, etc. (BTW, where is ALGORE these days?? Seems pretty quiet to me. Maybe he is hiding out in that HUGE mansion of his. I wonder how many homeless families could take up residence there.)

Second, I love the "corporate greed" cliche. Every liberal Catholic loves to say it, but doesn't seem to mind watching a TV program sponsored by an oil company or attend a fundraiser which is underwritten by a financial firm. Look, the Most Merciful Barack Obama, leader of the Regime took in almost $80,ooo from BP for his campaigns. But, that is okay.

Third, since she is such a dedicated environmentalist (like ALGORE) she probably walked, rode a bike or took public transportation to this conference. If she didn't, then she drove apx. 140 miles round trip. Assuming she was getting 25 miles to the gallon, she used apx. six gallons of gas, not including the oil, wear and tear on the tires, etc.

When our Catholic Education system is under assault from officials at the Federal, state and local levels, we are spending our resources on this?

Now, remember, your parish pays to have the Standard (whether they like it or not), so pick up a copy and drop a little in the plate for it.

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