Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speaking of Education...

I have written a bit about Catholic education in the Archdiocese of the last few years (okay, it is only two). One of my readers alerted me to this posting by a Catholic University of America (CUA) student:

There is a reason that Holy Mother Church teaches what she teaches, and not something else. If anyone has a problem with this, then leave. I, for one will not miss them. They can take their warm and fuzzy theology crap and leave. I am pretty sure that the CINO's over at Georgetown would be more than welcome to have them. If they are smart enough to turn them down, there is always the Episcopalians over at the National Cathedral... They seem to be pretty big on the warm and fuzzies from what I have heard.

To read more, go to The Adventures of A CUA Student.

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Anonymous said...

Cyo--- Disclaimer: there are some exceptions to this observation
If you want your child to play and be a player with lots of action, you need to be coach, assistant coach, or assistant to the assistant coach.. If none of these are applicable, simply being a friend of the coach’s kid, the assistant coach’s kid, a neighbor of the assistant to the assistant coach’s kid or…you get my point. No matter if your kid is equivalent in talent to his peers ( one or two are really talented like high school shoo in talented, uh, the rest, not so…), he/she will be labeled “non essential player” if you are not in the aforementioned rim. My husband, being Lutheran, entered into this Cyo system believing, okay, if my kid is okay, he will play. Some of these guys live for coaching cyo, guiding the young athletes, building faith and self esteem…they will be fair. But, hello…hubby…you do not know cyo…you get your little butt in there somehow or your kid will be an afterthought and gathering splinters in the rear of their polyester cyo jersey pants !!! Cyo…gotta love it…ever since it was created it has been consistent in its values and methods of operations. In many instances good, but in many …a long standing need for change.