Monday, May 24, 2010

Catholic Standard Weekly Update

Well folks, it is that time of the week. I know I have been slacking on this, but my life has been pretty busy lately, so time is a bit hard to come by.

I must say that the Standard seems to be getting thinner and thinner and sticking with very safe stories. Maybe they are worried that people like myself will find out how the Archdiocese honors pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians, media types, etc.

We start off with a story on the Catholic Charities Gala -- goal of $1.2 million raised for the poor.

There were two things about the story that caught my attention. First, about how an immigrant woman received medical services from the Archdiocesan Health Care Network. Personally, I doubt that the person was here legally. They Standard has a habit, like the Maryland Catholic Conference, of not using the legal phrase "illegal alien."

The other thing I noticed about the Catholic Charities Gala is that Kathleen Matthews, wife of Chris Matthews (Hardball host on MSLSD) was highlighted. She and Chris were the chairs of the Gala in 1995. Both attend Blessed Sacrament parish. Since he is a big time abortion and homosexual rights advocate, does he receive Holy Communion? Knowing how things are run in this diocese by Archbishop Wuerl, even when support for abortion is so pronounced, nothing will happen.

But is she pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage? She seems to have done a good job hiding her political views but it was interesting to her what her husband had to say:

During the April 13 C-SPAN show, host Brian Lamb showed viewers snapshots of Matthews with his two sons, Michael 18 and Thomas 15, from their recent two-week trip to Asia with their father, which included stops in Thailand and Vietnam. As viewers looked at one photo, Matthews explained: "Michael, he’s been the big liberal sort of in the family, although he went a little further than liberal in the last election. I can’t give away how he voted, but you can guess. Thomas is just as liberal as he is now. I mean they are real, real, I mean, instinctive liberals." Lamb revealed his personal knowledge of Chris Matthews’s wife’s politics, suggesting: "Mother’s having an influence?" Matthews: "I can’t say what Kathy’s politics are or I’ll pay dearly, but you may be right." (MRC)

Personally, I would bet the farm that she is pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. I mean she donated to the Clinton campaign in 2007.

For the second week in a row, the Golden Apple Award winners are highlighted. The Standard also highlighted the CYO Annual Award winners.

We have a story about the new church at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Solomons. The photo of the lighting in the church reminds me of the dining hall scene in Harry Potter - the candles floating in air.

For those of you going on vacation, we have a list of Churches in popular tourist areas with Mass times.

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