Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Archdiocese Environment Committee -- The Wackos are Taking Over

A number of bloggers, including myself, have written about the Archdiocese of Washington Environmental Committee. Remember the Lenten Fast suggestions this year? Who could forget that? Probably the Archdiocese wish it would have never happened.

Well, it seems that they are sponsoring an "evening of service prayer, repentance and reflection" regarding what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico on June 9th.

Now, I can understand how we want to pray for those affected by this and the devastation that is happening to the coastline and wildlife. I understand it and pray for those affected by it.

However, I do have two questions for this Committee:

  • What do we need to repent for? I am not certain what we have done to be sorry for? Do you mean that by using my car to go to work is something I should repent for? Do you mean that taking my family on a vacation is a crime that I should be ashamed of?
  • How do you intend to get to St. Camilus? If you are driving a car or taking any other form of transportation that involves fossil fuels, aren't you part of the problem and not part of the solution?

What is going on here? Are the environmentalist wackos taking over? Is this going to be the new devotion in the Archdiocese? Instead of the Year of the Priest, it will be the Year of the Environment? (I probably just gave someone an idea!)

Doesn't anyone think about what they are saying? You claim that we should repent? Start with yourselves. Stop driving to buy food, go to the doctor and even going to Mass. Walk or bike. Read day old newspapers and use sandals made from old tires. Only shop in consignment shops and don't take a shower every day.

Is this what the Archdiocese is helping to fund?

BTW, I would love to hear from anyone on the Environment Committee and I promise to post your response exactly as you have written it.


Anonymous said...

Greetings. I don't know about your particular environmental debate, however I would like to steer people toward a website that has an extensive collection about writings and the environment in light of the Bible and Tradition of the Catholic Church. There is a wealth of general information about the Church's teachings on the environment. Please feel free to visit the Catholic Conservation Center at

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think this June 9th thing is actually at St Camillus. See