Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Environmentalism Running Amok in the Archdiocese?

As many of us watch BP unable to stop the oil leak and The Most Merciful in way over his head, I received an item from a reader. Now, I am not certain if she is trying to tell me something or just to let me know of the general wackyness that comes out of St. Rose.

She sent me an audio sermon of Fr. Paul for Pentacost Sunday. At the very start, he says "that every house that does not recycle is its' own BP oil spill."

Wow! Can you believe this? I certainly do not expect to hear this at Mass.

I wonder if he will say that every family which supports the gay lifestyle is like its' own Castro St or Folsom Street Fair? Now that I would like to hear.

(BTW, I would have posted the audio file but Google Blog does not support the posting of them.)


Anonymous said...

St. Rose is a wonderful parish. Trying to to care for the earth that God has given us, as we all should! I just don't think you get it at all and I don't think you are interested in attempting to understand anything about the that parish.


If that is the case, then I will give you the opportunity to tell me why and how I am wrong. I would like to hear you views on this. I will even post it, as written.

Dymphna said...

And the people at Mass just sat there?