Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catholic Volunteer Network - Their Non-Response

After my post yesterday regarding the non-response from the Catholic Network of Volunteer Services (CNVS) to one of my readers, I began to think (which I am doing all of the time, unlike Catholycs who prefer to go with their feelings) about it and the reason for it.

Seems to me that they knew what they were doing, have been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar and just don't care. Why? Because most of their constituencies probably have the same view as Chris Matthews. So why apologize when you support abortion, gay marriage and womyn priests.

With the invitation by CVNS of Chris Matthews, they are just acknowledging and validating their set of Catholyc beliefs.

Oh, and just forget about the folks over in Hyattsville doing anything about this. They will do the Sgt. Schultz ("Hogan Heroes") mantra: "I know nothing, NOTHING."

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