Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mayor Gray Arrested for Supporting Abortion Funding

Yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray (Religion: Roman Catholic) was arrested as he protested against restrictions on abortion funding and reinstatement of school vouchers.

I wonder if the Cardinal now has second thoughts about giving the invocation for Mayor Gray, who is willing to get arrested over his pro-abortion beliefs and anti-school vouchers.

I guess this is one of those, "I told you so" moments.


Viator Catholicus said...

Wuerl, like many bishops, is overly optimistic that they can convince power hungry politicians.

I can't understand why bishops are such wimps. Just make general statements that any Catholic that actively supports or promotes abortion or redefining marriage should not receive Holy Communion for the good of his/her soul. But, they need to make this statement over and over so it is well-known.

They don't have to name names unless a particular Catholic challenges this disciplinary measure which goes back to the Didache.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Being a Cardinal means never having to say you're sorry...except about things that happened centuries before you were born.

Dymphna said...

Just think, Mayor Gray protested because he thinks more DC kids should be killed in the womb and that the ones who survive should be forced to go the second worst schools in the nation. The cardinal backed a real prize, didn't he?