Thursday, April 28, 2011

Political Stations of the Cross...

According to a story in the Gazette Newspaper, for the People's Republic of Takoma Park, it seems that the regular Way of the Cross was not enough for the folks over at St. Camilus.

As if focusing on the scourging, the suffering of Mary and ultimately the Crucifixion was not enough, they decided to amend the stations just a bit and meditate on issues such as deportation or climate change. Working with the Latino Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (don't you just love the Social Justice crowd names), they decided upon the topics to be covered.

So, in discussing the topic of deportation, Fr. Jacek Orzechowski said: "So many people, especially in [Prince George's] County, so many people who are members of our parish have been somehow impacted, even deported, because of minor traffic violations."

Sorry Fr. Orzechowski, people do not get deported for minor traffic violations. They are stopped for those violations but are then determined to have broken more serious laws, such as entering the country illegally, and are then deported.

But, the real purpose of this was summed up nicely by Margarita Silverstone of the People's Republic: "I mean, tea-party people are at times equally informed by their own religious faiths in terms of their choices, this is sort of a more liberal Christian bent, but it's political choices, as well."

To read the complete story, go here.


Mr Flapatap said...

I wonder which station was used to raise the plight of the unborn...

Anonymous said...

Go here to see photo of him & McCarrick:

In 2011 St. Mark's Hyattsville school was closed to combine w/St Camillus school and St Hugh Greenbelt school was closed to combine w/St Joseph in Beltsville which has priest in residence who works at St. Lukes Institute (facility to treat priest pedophiles) - go to bottom of page.

See award recipients:

How parents continue to let their children anywhere near these abusers is beyond me - and now they are going to set up a "seminary" so that college-aged men can live together under their "guidance".