Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When will Cardinal Wuerl have that chat with Mayor Gray

When Sargent Shriver passed away, the Funeral Mass was held in Our Lady of Mercy (aka "Our Lady of Gucci" by some of my friends) with Msgr. William English, as the pastor. I wonder how many pro-abortion politicians received Holy Communion on that day. You will notice that the Catholic Standard (yes, this is a while back) ran a couple of stories but made certain not to have any photos or mention of those who received Holy Communion.

Archbishop Chaput gave a talk at Notre Dame on Catholics in the political square, according to LifeSite News:

There is unity among the bishops about abortion always being wrong, and that you can’t be a Catholic and be in favor of abortion - the bishops all agree to that - but there’s just an inability among the bishops together to speak clearly on this matter and even to say that if you’re Catholic and you’re pro-choice, you can’t receive holy Communion,” Archbishop Chaput said.

Chaput acknowledged he is only in favor of refusing Communion provided private notice is given to the individual ahead of time.

But Catholics who support legal abortion, Chaput continued, must be told they cannot receive Communion and told they should never approach Holy Communion. Along with other bishops, Chaput said he has been attempting for some years to have the USCCB speak publicly on the matter.

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