Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Prayers of the Faithful for Sunay, April 3rd

This weekend, I attended Mass outside of this Archdiocese.

During the Prayers of the Faithful, this one came up: "Pray for those unjustly treated because of their sexual orientation."

Did this take place in your parish?

I would like to hear from you if it did.


Anonymous said...

I know a place where this happened but only because the pastor had not reviewed the material prior to the liturgy.

It was provided in materials many parishes subscribe to and probably was read in many churches that day.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to get rid of the Prayer of the Faithful!

The "petitions" end up being agenda driven and ideological.

Any petition that beings with "That" or has a clause beginning "so that" is ridiculous in telling God what to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Actually, I am not sure if it occured at Sunday Mass, but I heard it read by the priest at daily Mass this week. What is going on?

Katherine said...

It been prayed at my parish in the petitions and certainly I pray privately that those unjustly treated for any reason.