Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did Cardinal Wuerl violate Church Liturgical Law?

This past Holy Thursday, as with many over the last few years, Cardinal Wuerl washed the feet of twelve men and women. We know this, because of a photo in the Catholic Standard.

According to Church Liturgical Law, only men can be chosen for this (viri selecti). Now, although the USCCB may have received some sort of approval for women to participate, you would think that the would follow liturgical law.


Anonymous said...

Last year there was a picture in the Standard showing six men having their feet washed--which is an indication that the other six not shown were women. What's the difference between hiding what you're doing & flaunting it? This year Wuerl is a Cardinal.

Here's the kicker: in his column, he writes:

"Yet, thanks to the active intervention of the bishops of our country, particularly through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and its committees, a lively catechetical renewal is underway involving the collaborative effort of publishers of catechetical texts, pastors, directors and coordinators of religious education, catechists, career and volunteer, teachers and bishops.

This renewal is happening because bishops have taken very seriously their role not only to proclaim that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead but to oversee that what is being prepared, published, presented and taught as Catholic doctrine, Catholic teaching, Catholic faith and morals, truly is what it is labeled to be."


But Catholics are no different than anyone else and they practice what the Cardinal does--not what he preaches. As the picture of the women having their feet washed demonstrates, Cardinal Wuerl does whatever he wants, regardless of Church teaching--and so does his flock.

I shudder to think what will be the fruit of a seminary sponsored by him and McCarrick.

May the Lord return soon!

Anonymous said...

I agree that this break with Church liturgical law is an unfortunate occurrence. As our shepherd here in dc and the man I answer to directly as a seminarian, I wish that liturgical abuses of this ilk did not occur. I share your concern, but not your approach.

Instead of shuddering at the thought of a seminary established under the tutelage of Cardinal Wuerl, please pray for us seminarians, who wish to serve the Church of Christ to the letter of God's law. The men who enter the seminary do so in response to the new evangelization that the pope has called for. We place our trust in God and His servant Cardinal Donald Wuerl.