Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Catholyc Left, now that Osama Bin Laden is dead...

Although the effort to find Osama Bin Laden took a number of years, it has been basically agreed upon that the key piece of information, which eventually lead to his departure from the Earth, was obtained through one of the "torture" sessions.

For many years, the Catholyc Left (and many of our bishops) had no problem lambasting the Bush administration over torture and "secret prisons."

So my questions to the Catholyc Left are:

  • If this information was obtained by torture, and you do not support torture, then why are you not protesting in front of the White House and demanding trials of those who used this information to go after him.

  • Why are you not asking for the heads of the Navy Seals who killed him? I mean, some of the reports are saying that he was unarmed, and was killed afterwards. How could you condone this? Will you call for the resignation of Obama? How about taking to the streets?

  • If you felt that we should have gone after him, to either kill him or capture him, then does this change your view of the methods used to obtain this information? If yes, explain. If no, please explain.

There seems to be a deadly silence on the Catholyc Left over these and other questions.


Brantigny said...

...and I add how quick they were to demand the pictures of Abu Grav be shown, why are they not complaining about the pictures of OBL not being produced?

Anonymous said...

This is not a comment on this post. Go to the Archdiocesan website(the newly designed website) Check out the Facebook friends of the Catholic Standard.They are The Catholic University, Archdiocese of Washington, Busted Halo (whatever that is) and NCR online, as in National Catholic Reporter Online. That last friend is rather interesting to say the least.

jmKelley said...

If this had happened under Bush's watch, the Left would be holding candlelight vigils and decrying Bush as a "murderer". But this happened under Obama's watch, so he gets a pass. Haven't heard from Cindy Sheehan lately, have we?