Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Repeal the Dream Act -- Was I Wrong on This or What!

Click here to sign the petition to REPEAL THE MARYLAND DREAM ACT.


Well folks, I was wrong on the Maryland Dream Act. Yep, hard to believe. Even harder to believe that I would admit to it, but I am.

You see the figure of $16,000 per student seems to a bit high. It is actually about $12,000 per illegal alien for a two year period. The total cost was seen as $800K in the first year, and $3million at the end of the third year.

It also seems that the figures provided by Legislative Reference were only for one (1) community college, not for the sixteen (16) that are in the State of Maryland.

Therefore, if there are apx. 1,000 illegal aliens, each costing the taxpayer $12K, the ACTUAL COST IS $12million minimum per year.

Now, the state believes there will be apx. 5,000 illegal alien students eligible per year, so you do the math.

Oh, and don't forget, after community college comes the four year programs. How much more will that cost us?

Sign the petition!

Stop the hijacking of your tax dollars by CASA of MD and the Maryland Catholic Conference to support illegal activities. Send them a message that if we do not tolerate this type of behavior by them.

Click here to sign the petition to REPEAL THE MARYLAND DREAM ACT.


Lisa in Baltimore said...

I like that this article is a factually true and well done on the figures. All accurate.

But I need to also point out that this stance is NOT Christian, Catholic and is, in fact, racist and bigoted. Not to mention, going against Catholic teaching and Magisterial pronouncements, (never thought I'd be saying that!).

Jesus was an 'illegal immigrant' and then received tuition assistance in the Temple. Being a racist is not being a Christian. Simply put, anyone who signs this petition is standing against not only the Church, but against the example of God.

However, unlike other Life issues, many will refuse to see that the Church might be right on this issue.



Thank you for your note and for reading the blog.

1. How is it racist or bigoted? Please show me and my readers what makes this posting racist? Also, whenever anyone throws out that arguement to me, it means that they have no other means to debate the issue. It is like saying: "When did you stop beating your wife/husband/cat/dog?"

2. How is it going against Magesterial teaching? Please let me know. It seems to me to be an opinion of the bishops, rather than a teaching.

Jesus was an illegal immigrant? How? He was a Jew in a Jewish temple? This was is a bit confusing to me and will probaby be for my readers.

Mustang's Bride said...

The dream act is unconstitutional. We need to repeal this law immediately challenging this in our highest courts.