Monday, May 2, 2011

VOTF at St. Rose of Lima on May 11th

Hey folks, it looks like those wild and crazy VOTF "reformers" will be meeting at St. Rose of Lima on May 11th. And, you will never guess who will be in a "virtual attendance?" They will view a DVD of Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a retired auxiliary of the Sydney, Australia archdiocese.

Those who are in dissent with the Roman Catholic Church, just love this man. They are just gushing with praise, so much so, that mops and buckets need to be brought in. Remember that the Australian bishops had issued a public statement warning of the doctrinal difficulties with his book in 2008.

Again, why is VOTF, a dissenting organizaton meeting on Church property? This is like the old saying of letting the fox in the hen house.

Hyattsville? Anyone there paying attention?


Anonymous said...

Have you put the question directly to Msgr. Paul Dudziak, the pastor? Or anyone on the Pastoral Council? What was the reaction?


The folks at St. Rose of Lima and the Archdiocese are aware of not only this comment but all of the previous references made to VOTF at St. Rose. Also, I have discussed how VOTF works w/ Call to Action and other dissenting groups.

From my understanding from a couple of readers, they (Pastor and Pastoral Council) are supportive of the principles of VOTF. If not, why would they allow them to meet.

However, let me say to them, that if they wish, they can write to me regarding this matter and I will be more than happy to post their note/reply.

However, if

Anonymous said...

I am a St Rose parishioner and I am so sad and sickened that my parish continues to promote dissent through VOTf. If Msgr Paul is reading this, please know you are offending many more parishioners than you are pleasing. It is past time to let VOTF and Call to Action go and to commit to fidelity to Holy Mother Church.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the gay bishop? Why are they having him? It just shows how these liberals are always promoting their same sex agenda.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

VOTF is always at St Rose. It's hardly news anymore. To the anonymous of 6:09pm, are you able to organize your fellow orthodox Catholics there? If there are enough of you, a collection basket boycott during one or more weekends might cause powers-that-be to sit up and take notice (sometimes $$$ is the only language understood).
If all else fails, simply go to another parish - St John Neumann would be a vast improvement.

Anonymous said...

You must be thinking of Gene Robinson, of the Episcopal Church.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Check out today's post on my blog. There's a similar problem in Burtonsville. If you're on the ADW social justice email list, you've probably already seen it.