Monday, May 7, 2012

Comfortable with same-sex marriage...

By now, you have heard Joe Biden (the highest elected Catholyc in these United States) says that he is in support of same-sex marriage. 

Now, why did he do it at this time?  Well, we know that (1) he and Obama are worried about their re-election and need to shore up the homosexual voters (and their money) and (2) he knows that our Catholic leaders won't do a damn thing to him for it.  Look, if they threw Fr. Marcel under the bus, do you really think that they (Cardinal Wuerl and/or Bishop Malooly) will really put their foot down about Joe Biden.

In addition, did you notice that there was no comment about Sebelius at Georgetown. I wish Georgetown would simply say:  We are no longer Catholic and stop the charade.

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Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing to me about sitcom "Will and Grace" was the title: (free) Will and (divine) Grace. It never lived up to it, although I have always wondered if it was purposeful. Don't imagine the average Joe Biden Catholic noticed in his degraded and bored search for moral teaching in a television sitcom (don't search the Bible; it's a Myth, you know, Joe, especially the Old Testament, according to Cardinal Pell and the New Catechism). This too is a myth: Joe's scream of understanding as his entire body explodes into flame and he begins tumbling head over heels down a pitch black pit with no respite forever.