Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Congratulations! We can defeat Gay Marriage!

Over 113,000 signatures were submitted to the Maryland State Board of Elections.  Even though only half that amount are needed, and we probably could have gotten many, many more, it is enough to signal to those who wish to kill TRUE MARRIAGE that this fight is not over.

Even though the Archdiocese was very lackluster in attempting to obtain signatures to help defeat this, many clear and right thinking individuals stood up and said NO.

I hope it sends a message to O'Malley (that fine Gonzaga graduate - snark, snark), Helen Mizeur (who attends St. Al's -- a Jesuit parish) and others that they cannot ram through this type of legislation.

Let's defeat the Gay Marriage and Dream Act!  Oh, what a sweet victory that would be.

If you signed the petition, Thank You!

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