Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth of July

Normally, I would wish each of you a HAPPY 4th of JULY.

This year, things are very different. 

We have a Supreme Court which allowed a terrible piece of legislation to pass.  We have a Justice Dept. running amok.  We have a Dept. of Homeland Security (and the Office of the President) deciding which laws to enforce and which ones not to, simply by ignoring some.  We are told not to feed the animals in our natural parks because they will become dependent on handouts, and yet, this administration is overjoyed that more people are on Food Stamps and other programs, than ever before.  Finally, the Catholic Church is under attack from the President to the "Magisterium of 'Nuns on the Bus'.  

Slowly our independence is being stripped from us.  Many of us don't even realize it or even care.

Folks, this is a very sad 4th of July. 

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