Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SUPPORT CHICK-FIL-A on Wed. Aug. 1st

Since CNN decided to make a story out of a non-story (if you read the interview, he never said what they accused him of saying), I decided to go to Chick-Fil-A tonight in downtown Silver Spring.

(I have cut back on my fast food intake.  It use to be three or four times per month.  Now it is more like once every two or three months -- if that.)
The staff was so polite and nice -- probably the nicest I have every seen in a fast food place.  It was very clean.  A number of families.  No yelling, screaming, etc.  And, there were always 3 to 6 customers in the queue waiting for someone to take their order.
I intend to go there next Wed. night to show those who claim to be the most tolerant (they are really the true bigots) that we support those who support true marriage.

Looking forward to a nice grilled chicken sandwich next week.


Anonymous said...

Chick Fil A August 1st for us too!

Elisa said...

Mayor Vincent Gray has added his voice on Chick-Fil-A too: