Monday, July 23, 2012


A few days ago, I listened to the interview by NPR of St. Pat Farrell, President of LCWR.

Now, before I offer my observations, a couple of things...

1.  I am not for or against NPR.  However, I do believe that if NPR wishes to exist, then they should do so w/o government funding.

2.  I listened a couple of days ago, so I may not remember every little detail.

3.  I am commenting upon this because their offices are in downtown Silver Spring, in the "heart" so to speak of the Archdiocese of Washington.  Now, Cardinal Wuerl has no jurisdiction over them, so my comments are not directed to him.

4.  My comments are not directed to all LCWR members -- only at the leadership.

So, what did I think regarding the interview with Sr. Pat Farrell.

  • Likes to play LCWR as the victim, as she claims that they were unaware of any "investigation."  you mean that you had no inkling about this investigation which took place over four (4) years?
  • Does not take any responsibility for past actions, as their were different elected representatives and therefore, each new group is not responsible for the actions of the past officials.  Having been part of various professional associations, those who move into positions of leadership have usually worked their way up, and have had some sort of say on how the organization is run. 
  • The bishops are scared of LCWR and the women who run it.  She seems to be a bit arrogant to me. Seems that she likes the "power" she and her group wields and does not want to let it go. 
  • Sr. does not answer the questions when posed, as to support of contraception, abortion, etc.  Likes to say that we must be open to listening, in regards to the various voices and changes in society.  Sounds like she doesn't support the Church's teachings.
  • If women were in positions of authority, then the pedophile issue would never have taken place.  Maybe LCWR should come clean about the abuse of children by various orders over the years, and not ignore the issue.  Maybe a little arrogance there?
What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The bottom line there many women like them all over the USA who are waiting on the sidelines to become "priestesses" who in reality are nothing but liberal feminists who hate men.