Wednesday, August 8, 2012

KKTownsend - Our Values NOT

The gay marriage folks are really pulling out all the stops to force gay marriage onto the citizens of Maryland.  They are sending out emails highlighting different races/religions/vets/women, etc. in order to appeal every possible demographic.
In one email, they highlighted two churchgoers -- but they did not tell you that they were both former ministers in the Unitarian/Universal Church.  The is the same church in which most members do not affirm the divinity of Christ.  (Howard Dean was a member of this congregation.)
We also had some small time producer/actor, a veteran, and a host of others attempting to rally the troops. 
Today, I received an email with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, you know, a Catholyc.  She writes:
I hold my faith close to my heart and know that Catholics believe strongly that every member of our families and communities should enjoy the same opportunities, freedoms and fairness in their lives. We believe that the decision to marry and form a family is a lifetime promise to love and care for one another. And we believe that a good conscience is the highest moral authority.

As a Catholic, I believe the the Civil Marriage Protection Act honors these values, which is why I will proudly vote for it on November 6th.

Many Catholics have been discussing the issue of marriage equality for some time now - around the dinner table, in the community, and at church. They are quickly moving towards the basic fairness that is a cornerstone of our values. As a matter of fact, an ABC News and Wall St. Journal poll from this past March show that 59% of Catholic voters favor the dignity and fairness that marriage equality ensures.

Who is she kidding and who would believe her.  The last time I think we heard from her was the Stone Ridge gig she got, with a group of protesters.

Do me a favor Ms. Kennedy, please crawl back under the rock and stop peddling yourself as a Catholic.  

The rock misses you. 

The Kennedy name isn't as golden as it was 50 years ago. It was the Kennedy clan that brought about a schism in our church over abortion.  Many of will remember that fact and put it out there whenever we have the right opportunity.

PS: Maryland Catholic Conference, fighting this is what you should be focusing on and not the Nightmare Act.

Also, don't give to the CCHD campaign this weekend.  More money thrown down the drain.


The Expatriate said...

Given that they're appealing to voters, i. e. citizens of Maryland, they are hardly "forcing" it on them, now are they?

The Expatriate said...

Given that they're appealing to Maryland voters, obviously citizens of the state, they're hardly forcing it on them, are they?

pocket debris said...

kkt,vague and vacant.

pocket debris said...

kkt,vague and vacant