Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maryland Voters -- Say NO to Question 4 the Nightmare Act

The wording for the Dream Act (aka The Nightmare Act) has been published by the Maryland Catholic Conference and others.

I urge you to vote NO on Question 4.  Do not give those who are in the country illegally, the same rights and privileges as those who were either born here legally or have entered the country legally.

You know the Maryland Catholic Conference is not telling the full truth on this.  And, as some of you know, they will no longer let me comment on their website about it.  I guess, they don't like it when you knock down their straw arguments. 

And tell the Maryland Catholic Conference to put their efforts into defeating the Gay Marriage vote, as well as, focusing on obtaining vouchers and tax credits for those who send their children to Catholic Schools.  

For shame MCC!!!


Anonymous said...

The MCC kicked me off their lobby email list in 2010 for complaining that their lobby night agenda did not include abortion. The email kicking me off informed me that the MCC's agenda was set by the three bishops of Maryland: Wuerl, Lori (now) & Malooly... Obviously, you have NOT signed the "civility" pledge or you would not be criticizing princes of the church! Notice how Dolan doesn't ask the candidates to sign a pledge stating they won't support legalized abortion or gay marriage - oh no, candidates must only pledge CIVILITY to EACH OTHER (but even if they don't, Dolan will NOT with hold HIS blessing). Dolan is doing his best to promote the equality of the two parties and their candidates, but I wonder if he isn't also promoting "civil unions" at the perverse wedding banquet of Satan he is spreading for the murderer in the sight of his victims (in NYC 60% of African American pregnancies end in abortion). I also wonder if the homosexual Cardinal McCarrick, feted on his 80th birthday by the homosexual Democratic McManus club of NYC, will be attending the Al Smith festivities.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Hear! Hear!