Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MCC on the wrong side of the Illegal Alien Issue in Maryland

Over and over, the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and the Archdiocese is on the wrong side of the illegal alien debate.

(For those of you in Annapolis, it means those who have entered the country illegally or have stayed past their visa time limit.)

On January 8, 2008, the Washington Times published a poll which asked the following questions of those in Maryland and found the following:

Question: If a Maryland police officer pulls over someone for a traffic violation, should the officer automatically check to see if that person is in the country legally?

YES: 66%
NO: 25%
Not Certain: 9%

Question: If an officer finds that a person pulled over for a traffic violation is an illegal immigrant, should that person be deported?

YES: 55%
NO: 23%
Not certain: 22%

It is time for the MCC and the Archbishop to face the facts and stop wasting our contributions on this issue.

Note: That unlike the MCC, who does not give the number polled, the actual question or margin of error when quoting stats, this one does.

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