Thursday, January 17, 2008

'Letters for Life" Campaign

Although I really let the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) have it on issues such as illegal aliens, there are times when you have to give them some credit. So, here is one of those times.

The MCC in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus will be collecting signatures in support of "The Pregnant Women Support Act." According to the Catholic Standard, this bill would enable non-profit organizations to receive state aid as they provide counseling, referrals and other assistance to women facing crisis pregnancies.

The idea is based on a Pennsylvania program which has reduced abortions by 3%. Not a huge number, but something that is worth noticing.

Now, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and NOW are probably not going block this overtly, they are going to do on the sly. Why? Well, their "shtick" is helping pregnant women but that is all it is. When you make most of your money by providing abortions, at $300 to $700 per, it is not something that you want to end.

However, what I would like see in the long run is: If this does not pass, then who voted against it? That is who we need to target during election time and remind people who supports life and who supports the taking of a child's life.

Addendum: After thinking about this overnight, one of the concerns I have is that this may be part of the MCC's push for socialized medicine in Maryland. Having seen the MCC operate over the last few years, it fits in well with their modus operandi. (For those of you in Wheaton, it is a Latin phase roughly translated to mean "mode of operation.")

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